Our homemade coconut oil soap in an economical larger size and on a very handy natural hemp rope to hang it up between baths. The super sized bar also makes it perfect for horses. It is fabulous for scrubbing directly in to manes and tails and using for brightening up white socks, removing stains from rolling and the beauty is you can use the bar itself to really get in there and scrub!

Made using the Hot Process Method which gives a more rustic looking soap and it does not need to cure as long as Cold Process Soap but otherwise is exactly the same. 

Coconut oil gives a high foaming and highly cleansing soap. Also perfect for those stinky paws, mucky muzzles and patches of fox poo all dogs seem to love and greasy coats and ears.

Our coconut oil soap contains nothing but coconut oil, lye, water and a little bit of oatmeal or some poppy seeds for added 'grip'. We all know how slippery a wet dog can be, never mind the soap. The added essential oils are dog friendly.

Doggie/Horse Soap on a Rope! (min 200g)